Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's beginning to look a LOT like Christmas!

When I laid down for my morning nap, I had no idea what would be when I awoke.
I walked outside our bedroom and was blinded by the brightness. Then my jaw dropped! It had snowed 4-5inches!!! It was beautiful!

For some reason snow makes me happy!  I can't wait to put up our Christmas decorations!

Here are some pics of our snow...


our Pet Deer, Bambi

Friday, December 4, 2009

13 weeks Miracle!

I am constantly amazed at what God is doing with our baby!

I cannot get out of my head that last week God designed our baby's fingerprints!  We can't wait to see what they look like!

I got to see the baby again yesterday and hear the heartbeat. I TOTALLY cried! To see our baby moving, stretching, and scratching it's head just overwhelmed me. The heartbeat was strong and everything checked out well!

We can't wait til the next time we catch a glimpse of the miracle!

As far as how I am feeling, surprisingly, even though I was nauseous the entire 1st trimester 24/7, I have actually gotten sick more often the last two weeks. We are hoping this isn't a pattern that continues!

Thanks for all your love and support!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

How we got our name?...

well... our "slogan"... Big Name ♥ Big Heart

One day I was at the walmart pharmacy and the pharmacist ran around the corner up to the register where a lady was helping me check out. He said "is that your maiden name!?" I hesitantly said ..."nooo." I wasn't quite sure what he was getting at. He could tell I was confused and then tried to back peddle. "Oh I just figure it had to be your married name, because if it wasn't you'd be in a hurry to get married!" I wasn't smiling yet... "so he added... you know what they say.... "Big Name... Big Heart!" ...and it fits! So that is where our blog name came from.

Valley Falls.... Labor Day...


This was a great day! Michael and I took a mini-vacation to Valley Falls State Park. It was beautiful and we really enjoyed basking in God's creation!  This was a great break from "life" and we spent some time literally counting our blessings!
God is soooooo good to us!






Highlights over the last few months...

so I was going to try to catch up with everything that we have done here, and it is just WAY too much!

So here are some highlights to share of our wild and wonderful adventures here in West Virginia:

Dr. Davis gets his white coat!
We really enjoyed being able to see my cousin, Tyler receive his white coat! What an awesome and proud experience!

Dr. Davis!

Tyler, Mom, Me, & Michael

So Proud!

My love and I.

Michael, Me, & Tyler.

Me, Mom, & Mawmaw trying to take a pic of ourselves! 

Aunt Martha, Nate, Tyler, Uncle Ron.

While there Michael enjoyed a car show!


We did some cloud surfing...

 My nephew Cooper called us while we were driving and we tried to figure out if we were
seeing the same clouds!  (in west virginia and florida!) it was so cute!
I saw a whale! and the big one did look like a BEAR before i took the picture!
Cooper said he saw the bear too!

We loved visiting with family in NC! It is always nice to see family and catch up! We got to hear a lot of Uncle Mike's (at that time) upcoming mission trip to Africa! We are so excited to see what God does!

We also got to spend some time catching up with my cousin Perry, hearing about the old ladies at the YMCA... he had some funny stories!

Uncle Ron and Aunt Martha drove down from a long day of work... catching up and hearing about family and new jobs.... we feel so blessed to have such an awesome family! We enjoyed every bit of it!

And while we were there we got to see the quilt show that Mawmaw (aka. Granny) had entered some of her quilts in! The pictures do NOT do them justice! They are truly AMAZING!   .... and she won! We are so proud of her!

Mawmaw with her "mystery quilt" she made for Carrie!

She should've one 1st!
(I even found a mistake on the one that had won 1st place... there was a spot that was not quilted and it clearly was supposed to be! Obviously they didn't have me as a judge!)

A baby quilt!

Mawmaw and I by the baby quilt.
... I am 6 weeks pregnant in this shot!

...for those of us who are dying to have one of Mawmaw's masterpieces,
she currently has a surplus of baby quilts... so lets get crackin'!  (o:

I also was able to see my GREAT college/seminary friend Sarah and attend a baby shower! I had wanted to go and see her and celebrate with her, and the timing worked out perfectly! We were headed to the NANC Conference in Spartanburg, SC and they live about 45mins from there in NC. She also was happening to have a baby shower that weekend, so I got to go and see all her goodies! We had Sunday off and really enjoyed sitting in a service together.  It was a great visit!


 Sarah & I at her shower!

When we got back, our GREAT friends from Louisville came to visit for the weekend. We had a WONDERFUL time catching up with Jeff and Courtney. We spent a LOT of time just relaxing and talking. They braved our airmattress in our living room and were great guests.
At church on Sunday Michael announced to the congregation that we were expecting. It was great to have Courtney and Jeff sitting next to me when he made the announcement.
... and I am glad Courtney had some tissues!

Courtney & Jeff

Courtney and I at Valley Falls

Courtney, Jeff, Michael, Me.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Promotion Sunday & Carnival at SCBC...

Aug. 30, 2009

Today was promotion Sunday at our church! Michael, being the children's pastor was very involved in this whole day. We had worked long and hard on a new concept for the children's ministry called "The Treehouse at the Creek" ... since we are Simpson Creek.

We are so thankful to my mom who helped us write and edit the children's brochure! God has blessed us with very talented family members! Her and I combined spent about 60hours coming up with every aspect of this brochure helping Michael to start the children's ministry in a new direction!

The kids had so much fun and love the TreeHouse! Please pray that God will continue to bless this ministry as we look for new ways to share Him with the children here at Simpson Creek Baptist Church.

Here are a few pics from our very fun day!


Promotion Sunday Booths.

Michael spent some time in the dunk tank!

& the children lined up to dunk him!

He definitely got WET!

Pastor Mike showed up, but for some reason we couldn't convince him to get in the dunk tank?

The children enjoyed some other fun carnival games too!




Somehow or another... Michael ended up the coach of the church softball team...

Aug 2009

Add "Softball Coach" to your resume!

It was one of those... "I'm not gunna be here this week and the league starts... can you help?"... then Michael got stuck! But he did phenomenal! I was SOOOO impressed! On this particular day that I had my camera Michael was pitching. He has even had a few triples and they ended up 3rd in the league!


 Michael Pitching!

Summer Fun in WV

August 2009

Someone at church gave michael some tickets to a pittsburgh pirates game... we did not know however that we would be sitting in the boon docks! and... that there would be a two hour rain delay!!!  At least I got to use my rain boots! (o:

The View from out Target Parking Lot!

Pitssburgh... and its raining... and michael made me cross this HUGE metal bridge!
anyone else see a problem with this??

Have way across... trying to brave a smile!

Michael and the soaking wet pirates stadium!

At least I got to use my cute rainboots!

Waiting for the rain to stop ... and the game to start...

pittsburgh skyline...

more skyline

whenever someone hits a home run they shoot off fireworks! it was pretty cool!

the pirates pitcher was up to bat and was hit in his pitching arm... so a fight broke out!!!


This is our "pet" Cambi... her twin Bambi is somewhere around.

Go Cambi!