Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's beginning to look a LOT like Christmas!

When I laid down for my morning nap, I had no idea what would be when I awoke.
I walked outside our bedroom and was blinded by the brightness. Then my jaw dropped! It had snowed 4-5inches!!! It was beautiful!

For some reason snow makes me happy!  I can't wait to put up our Christmas decorations!

Here are some pics of our snow...


our Pet Deer, Bambi

Friday, December 4, 2009

13 weeks Miracle!

I am constantly amazed at what God is doing with our baby!

I cannot get out of my head that last week God designed our baby's fingerprints!  We can't wait to see what they look like!

I got to see the baby again yesterday and hear the heartbeat. I TOTALLY cried! To see our baby moving, stretching, and scratching it's head just overwhelmed me. The heartbeat was strong and everything checked out well!

We can't wait til the next time we catch a glimpse of the miracle!

As far as how I am feeling, surprisingly, even though I was nauseous the entire 1st trimester 24/7, I have actually gotten sick more often the last two weeks. We are hoping this isn't a pattern that continues!

Thanks for all your love and support!