Thursday, January 21, 2010

back to our old stomping ground.... Louisville.

It was nostalgic driving back into the town where our romance began.... oh the memories!

Ever since the 2nd trimester I have craved Chili's queso dip, so I was delighted when Courtney and Jeff suggested going to Chili's for supper once we arrived into town! It was such a wonderful encouragement over dinner. We love spending time with the Mixons and we even closed out the restaraunt!

Then we headed to our B&B at the Colsons! They took such great care of us... making home cooked meals every night! We were spoiled! And Sebastion (the dog) has ALMOST convinced us to get a puppy! (okay... not really, but he is awfully convincing!) It was great to relax and catch up with Gentry and Christian and be super comfy while Michael was BUSY with school.

Michael did GREAT in his class! I dropped him off EARLY every morning and then he would call me to pick him up in the evenings when he was done... we would eat dinner, then he would head to another room to read one of his books for class. The focus and dedication was inspiring! (o:

While in class, he actually ran into several old friends. The funny thing about this is that those he ran into no longer lived in Louisville, so that was an encouragement from God.

Michael was really blessed by the teaching and assignments in his class and came away renewed for ministry! It was awesome. Praise God!

I came away refreshed too!... from all the R&R at the Colsons, but also from my pregnancy massage! The most amazing thing ever! I felt like a new woman afterwards... its funny how much the baby changes you!

awwwwwwww........ headed home to WV.

oh yeah... I cannot forget my lunch/afternoon I spent back at the bank I used to work at! It was AWESOME to see all the ladies, catch up and enjoy some Steak-n-Shake! I feel so blessed to have such great friends!
(p.s. Courtney works there now!)

Michael and I at SBTS where we met.

My 20 week belly at the Chapel at SBTS.

My 20 week belly... we'll find out if our baby is a boy or girl next week!

Music City, Nashville TN

After leaving the foothills of NC we headed to Music City in Tennessee.

Our drive took us up to Johnson City because i-40 was closed due to a landslide. So our 5.5hr drive turned into almost 7 hours! (but it felt like 10!)

We arrived at the Opry Land Hotel while it was still decorated for Christmas. It was beautiful! The hotel was HUGE! We checked in and pretty much went straight to bed.

The next morning was the start of the conference we were attending with three other ladies from our church. It was the Children's Pastors Conference.

There were some GREAT resources and we had fun spending some ministry money and gaining lots of ideas to bring back to use in our children's ministry! There were also some disappointing "sessions" where an unbiblical perspective on parenting, men and women, and ministry was taught. We are praying that God will allow us to speak this truth to the church about this conference, and also to point them in a different direction.

The trip to Nashville all in all was a good trip. It was great working with the ladies from our church and finding our VBS curriculum. Also, enjoyed eating at "the aquarium" where we ate and watched a guitar shark swim in the tank!

We ended up staying a few extra days to celebrate our two year anniversary...but we moved to the Sheraton. We actually enjoyed the KING size bed more than the double at the Opry Hotel and it was more comfy for me too... after all I am like the princess and the pea! (o:

It was great to relax and spend one-on-one time with Michael. We feel blessed to have received some Anniversary money and used it on this portion of our trip. We went to the hardrock in downtown Nashville for steaks, the wax museum and cooters/dukes of hazard museum.

It was a great trip. Then we headed to Louisville for Michael to take a class at SBTS toward finishing his degree!

My 19 week belly at the Hard Rock Cafe in Nashville, TN

My love and I at the Hard Rock.

Guitars at the Hard Rock.

Michael and I at the Phil Joel concert!
CPC Conference.

Phil Joel of Newsboys!

Dukes of Hazards Car.

Me in front of the Cooters/Dukes of Hazard Museum.

Michael and I with Reba!

can't believe we paid $10 for this!

seriously... Brooks & Dunn

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

I LOVE Christmas! I love it for what it means... for understanding that God came to earth as a baby to save me from my sins so that I can have eternal life! wow! Thank you Lord!

Our Christmas Tree and My Grandmother's Nativity she made.

I also love it for family. It has always been such a sweet time with my family, immediate and extended. It's one of the times of year where everyone tries to get together and catches up on what's been happening throughout the year. It's always encouraging to see how God is working in their lives and to share what God is doing in ours.

This year we had decided to head to the mountains of NC for Christmas. Since I have had nausea problems traveling in the car we really didn't know how far I would make it... so we chose the closest relative! My mawmaw!
18 " and counting!

Michael and I in our snow in WV!

Bambi & Cambi, our twin deer!

Bambi, Cambi and the mama deer in the snow.

After receiving 18+ inches of snow in WV we packed our car for 3.5 weeks away and hit the road. It was great to get there before all the crowds arrived and spend time with her and some Aunts, Uncles, cousins and even two second cousins! It was a great time of recouping and catching up. I think Michael slept in for the first time in FOREVER! So that was nice.

Michael enjoyed spoiling my mawmaw by completing her list of chores! (o:
and once some of the other men arrived they even put in a new shower door and cleaned out the entire garage for her! hopefully soon she can park her car IN the garage!

On the 26th, some of my family arrived from FL! My parents, sisters, Jessica and Melissa, and Levi, Cooper and Micah, and bro-in-law Mike. It was so fun to see the boys react to the snow! They loved it! They were busy exploring and the grownups were busy catching up.

Then on New Years Carrie and Eric drove up and surprised everyone by picking up Jennifer and Cheyenne on their way! (It was fun to see Eric see the snow too because he had never seen it before!)

It was SO sweet to be able to see all my sisters and niece and nephews! I didn't think I would get to see them all and then one by one they decided to come! yeah!

Although I did not participate, we even enjoyed some sledding and snow boarding! (I took pictures!)

Here are a few:

Michael opening his presents from me Christmas morning.

My presents from Michael Christmas morning.

Our lamb nursery has begun! We received lots of lambs for the baby!

Uncle Barry reading the Christmas story from Luke, a family tradition.

Jessica and I watching the snow sledding!

Melissa and Copper being silly.

My love and I.

Princess Cheyenne wearing my scarf like I wear it!

Carrie and Eric.

Mama and I.

Can't hardly believe it, but my mom braved the hill with my Aunt Martha!
(The video is hilarious!)

Micah figured out how to get a ride back up the mountain!
Hitch a ride with his two Uncle Michaels!

L to R: Dad, Melissa, Jessica, Cooper.

Micah after my dad hit him in the face with a snow ball... AND AFTER we tried to get him back!
Oh the tears!

Watching with the baby.

Michael had a great time playing with the nephews.

Being silly with some of my dad's winter gear!

The boys love their Papa!

Cooper conquering the mountain at Mawmaw's.

Levi conquered the mountain at Mawmaw's too.

It was such a wonderful time and we feel SO blessed by family!