Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nursery Progress

Here is our nursery progress...

SO this is what the room kinda looked like before...




these are all the boxes that our good friends Kelly & Craig
are so graciously allowing us to store in their attic! We are so grateful!!!!

The sheep is the crib bedding... and the bunny is one my mawmaw made for me a long time ago... but the colors and fabric choices are KINDA the feel of where we are going. (o:

This is the changing pad cover.

The room all cleared out! Praise God!

you can see where everything went! into our living room!

Our sweet friend Tonya came over for a painting party! She was awesome and had the whole room rolled within one hour! Thank you Tonya!

My love painting the room for his baby girl... too sweet.

Tonya was too busy to smile for the camera. (o:

okay... before any of you FREAK OUT.... this is a posed picture.
although i had clearance from my doctor... we used low voc paint, and i actually did paint that spot (before it was rolled)... and was only in the room for about 15mins before i sat down and watched! It was too exciting to miss!

the finished walls! It's hard to see the true color...

it's called Dutchess Lilac in behr paint...

...i love it!

Michael putting on the finishing touches.

her purple trunk we painted to put her toys and blankets in. (this was black and we used it as a coffee table for those who have been to our apartment in the past)

My sweet friend Morgan came over and helped paint the dresser!
Even though she was new at painting she did an AWESOME job!
We are so blessed to have such awesome friends!

the finished dresser! well... finished painting.
Once again... hard to see the color but it is a very light lilac.

I am loving where this is going and cannot wait to see the finished product!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Baby Strack Dancing

Here is a video of our baby girl dancing in my belly!
PLEASE excuse my stretch marks, gallbladder scars and any other marks on my belly!

I narrate when you can see her move... but a good rule of thumb is my belly button that moves up and down.

There are some kicks, and some rolling hills! LOVE IT!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Impromptu Photoshoot and Picnic on Easter Sunday!

Easter Sunday after church Michael and I decided to have an impromptu picnic at the covered bridge over Simpson Creek.

After enjoying our burger king... we decided to have some fun taking pics!

Michael really enjoyed posing me for these pics... it was a great day!

It's amazing to me that when I feel so huge & unattractive that my husband can take a photo from his perspective that actually turns out beautiful. I guess it's all in the perspective!

I LOVE that this is how he sees me!

It was a fun afternoon!

Michael took these photos and then I added some graphic design effects to them.

32 Week Belly Bump

My Prince!

My Prince wearing his Frog Prince cuff links I gave him on our wedding day!

it was a challenge to get the hands around my belly! hehe...but love how these turned out!

although this looks restful... you should've seen the scene to get me up from that angel! (o: