Friday, May 7, 2010

Meet our baby girl...

We had a wonderful doctors appointment today and was surprised when they did a 3D ultrasound pics!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I worked on organizing the nursery today... it's getting better.  Here are some details of the progress...

all the stuff on the bed... i needed to organize! I did that today! PHEW!

 new placement for crib... I think! (o:

 Guest bed... come visit! Ready for baby girl's debut!!!

 the blue chair is where we are hoping to put a nursing chair... when/if we get one in time.

 with the nightlight...

 the dresser finished... I think?! haha... i am so indecisive!

 Her book/toy basket.

 her changing table/dresser

 top of changing table.

 storage box i am using as a wipe holder... and office organizer as a baby organizer.

 diaper/wipe drawer...hope these will last us a week or two!

 hairbands, paci's and cue tips in pencil organizers...
nursing drawer essentials...

 newborn clothes and shoes... think she may have more shoes than me!

 I hand painted these drawer knobs...

 ...and these.


 "L" for...


 pink argyle


 birdie... still deciding on this one... may repaint it.

 purple polka dots

 roses... still deciding on this one too...

 I hand painted these letters... now where to put them?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Cherishing Crib Moments

So Happy to have Grandpa Jim and Grandma Cookie here for a visit. It will always be a special memory that They helped with the nursery and that Michael and Grandpa Jim put the bed together.
The blessings continue to overflow and we cannot wait for our baby girl's debut!

Grandma Cookie and I supervising!

Michael and Grandpa Jim putting the crib together!


 Grandma Cooke, Michael and I putting the crib bedding on!

  LOVE the crib bedding!

 The changing station... still deciding on this cover... and have to finish the knobs.