Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Celebrating the first year! ~ Part 4 *-*-*-PARTY-*-*-*

We had a wonderful time preparing and planning for Lila's first Birthday BBQ. It was so special to have so many friends and family with us to celebrate. I loved created almost everything from scratch and finding STEALS to decorate that were o-so-cute! I wish I could do this for a 2nd job... I would LOVE it!

Each Guest was sent this custom invite... I had not attempted pencil drawing on an invite before, but I think it turned out great?! I drew the little girl with pencil and paper, scanned it then colored it with the computer. :)

Had a blast making and decorating this cake for my baby girl!...
it was strawberry funfetti topped with vanilla icing, blue pearls,
and her very own mini-bunting!
Not to mention the glitter red ONE!!!

"Happy 1st Birthday Lila Grace" Banner to greet guests!

Lots of fun decorations 
(those table clothes were dollar wrapping paper I found at target! wahoo!)

Cute Thank you buckets found in the sale section of the dollar section that I added a ribbon, custom sticker and filled with chocolate! Yumm!

Each table had a bucket -o- chocolate
and framed photos looking back at Lila over her first year.

God made this beautiful view and day for us! Thank you Jesus!

The Birthday Girl's special chair complete with her own handmade bunting made from scraps from the large bunting and a sewing maching!

We had two kids tables, each table had a
bucket -o- crayons and some vintage coloring sheets. 


Cakes and cupcakes were fun to plan and decorate!
There was strawberry, chocolate and vanilla cupcakes... the classics, then I made Chocolate Chocolate Chunk, Chocolate and strawberry, Strawberry Chocolate Chunk, and Vanilla Chocolate Chunk! Yumm!
 Each cupcake was topped with vanilla icing,
blue pearls and a custom cupcake topper. 
It was fun to come up with these toppers too!

 Cupcak stand is a candle stick and a white plate!

Pinata I got on sale, with a coupon then an additional 30% off because the fluorescent lights in the store had faded some of the pink tissue paper.
Printed off the circle image to match the invites, then added blue tissue paper, and wala! the kids had fun with this!

 Close ups of the Birthday banner!

It's Party Time!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Celebrating the first year! ~ Part 3 ~ Getting Ready!

After a wonderful morning at the falls... Lila came home to take a nap and get ready for her big birthday party! Some of my side of the family started arriving for the celebration too: LOVE LOVE LOVE having family here to celebrate with us!

 I'm awake and ready to PAR-TAY!

 Kisses from Aunt Melissa

Trying on my party hat.
In my chariot... with my baby... ready to see everyone! be continued...

Celebrating the first year! ~ Part 2

The morning of her party since I still had last minute details to throw together, and the Strackeljahns were sightseeing at Valley Falls... we decided to let her go without mama or dada! As much as I loved and wanted her to spend as much time as possible with family, it made me sad to not spend that time with her as well. BUT... I got a LOT done and she had a blast! I am so thankful that they shared these pictures with me:

 CoUsIns! Caleb, Lila and Katherine!

 Samuel and Caleb

 Aunt Andi and Katherine
 Grandpa and Grandma giving Lila some attention. :)
 Grandma Kellie and Lila Grace enjoying the falls.

 Uncle Samuel, Aunt Andi, Katherine and Caleb
 (I wonder if Lila thinks Uncle Samuel is her daddy?!)
 Aunt Andi with her nephew and nieces.

 Lila & Uncle Samuel! 
(I am SO glad they got this shot... I tried to find a pic of Lila and U. Sam for her family book and didn't have one! this one is great!)

 Now nap and then PARTY!....

... to be continued...

Celebrating the first year!

I recently read that the 1st birthday is not really for the baby... it's for mama and dada... that they made it through the first year! I liked the idea of that, but I do hope that one day Lila will look back at these pictures of her 1st birthday and realize how special she is and what an incredible blessing she is to our lives. She was well worth the wait!

It blessed our hearts more than words can say that so much family came out to celebrate with us! It was only the 2nd time that our two families have been together, and I hope that there are many more opportunities for us to share our time with one another. Michael's parents, Grandpa Rob & Grandma Kellie came with his "lil" sister... Aunt Andi!  Uncle Samuel, Aunt Sylvia, and cousins Caleb and Katherine made the drive from Illinois too! My parents, Papa and Loulou came from Florida... they brough Lila's cousins: Levi, Cooper and Micah. Then Aunt Melissa and Tia flew in the day of her Birthday! Wished all of our family could have been there, but we surely did have a WONDERFUL time!

p.s. I really enjoyed planning, creating, and making almost all the party decorations myself. (I really think I could do that full time it was so much fun!)

Here are some favorite pictures from her First Birthday weekend:

 The Night Before...
Tried really hard to not let Lila fall asleep tonight! ... afterall if she never falls asleep she won't grow up overnight & be a ONE YEAR OLD!!!!!!
 Sweet Moments

Our Birthday Girl on her 1st Birthday!

The Strackeljahns arrive from Illinois to celebrate with us!

 Fun at the Park with the family!

 Weeee! be continued...