Tuesday, November 8, 2011

An Optomist View of Our Homelessness...

For a time we had been desiring Michael the opportunity to finish his seminary degree. An "opportunity" came up in June of this year and since we had also desired to be closer to family, we decided to move in WITH my parents. :o)

It was difficult to leave the ministry we had been so much a part of there in WV. It was hard to paint over Lila's nursery and pack up the only place she had ever known as home as this was where we had brought her home from the hospital. It was extremely difficult saying goodbye to some friends sent for above... but it was hardest to step out, in faith, and move.

We have been overwhelmed with fear, brokenness and grief as we have seen unbiblical examples of "brothers and sisters" in Christ. It was ugly. ;o(

And we have been overwhelmed with the outpouring of God's love, kindness and grace shown to us through His children. Starting with friends in WV who showered us with prayer during our difficult time, to helping us even steam clean our carpets and pack our things, and sending us off with a cherishing farewell. When we thought there was no way that they could possibly give anymore ... they gave again. We received cards of encouragement, at just the right times, from brothers and sisters in Christ, who go to Sunday School with Michael's grandparents. We were welcomed into a church family where we feel at home, where we can heal and grow from the biblical disciples and teaching.  Most of all we have been shown favor in the graciousness of our families and friends through prayer and hugs.

And in a time, I could fear being homeless (and did!)... God orchestrated events that not only do we have a bed to sleep on, we are able to live in TWO large bedrooms, with our own private bathroom (with double sinks), have the run of a dream house, all while being close to family (al-biet REALLY CLOSE. haha.) I am NOT complaining!

However, we DO hope for the future when God makes His plan clear for us in ministry and family. We would covet your prayers. Thank you!

p.s. Michael and I have always desired to be completely candid with all our faults and challenges as well as joys and triumphs. If you have questions, or would be interested in more information on our move away from WV, please contact us. We would be open to share.