Tuesday, March 27, 2012

September 3rd- 50th Anniversary

We had the privilege and honor to be with Michael's family as they celebrated 50 years of marriage! We are beyond blessed to have such strong examples of Christian marriage in both our families. Grandpa Jim and Grandma Cookie being one! The example they have set for us is amazing. Thank you for being committed to one another, to Christ, and to living out an example worthy of following. We love you and can't wait for the next 50! What an incredible heritage of faith, love, and family we have to follow. <3!

 We hope and pray that in 46 years our children and grandchildren will be able to celebrate and share in the same way about our marriage!

I had so much fun designing their save-the-dates and invitations!
They did not have a wedding ceremony 50 years ago, so in some ways, this was their wedding day! Loved seeing all the pieces and people come together to celebrate such love.

The Save The Dates...

The Invitations...
The Reception took place in their church's fellowship hall... it was TRANSFORMED into a beautiful garden. Lots of friends and family worked really hard to put this together, and the result was beautiful!

Yellow Roses adorn the entryway.
Guests were greeted by my beautiful sister-in-laws, Andi and Sylvia.

Love all the details! Sign the guestbook!

The whole hall was transformed including tree and a white fence! and I loved the light posts!

Beautiful centerpieces! These roses were gorgeous!

Table #s and Place cards (by me!)

 Every detail... love it all...

The head table and what garden would be complete without a FOUNTAIN?! :)

K and Lila Grace run past the fountain!

On each side of the head table were these posters that had pictures of GG Jim and GG Cookie through the ages. I LOVED looking back at these pics! In several I absolutely see Lila Grace... that's probably where she got her dimple! :)

 They even had a kids area! 

 Complete with garden toys... like bugs!
and batons (GG Cookie used to be a twirler back in the day!)
Daddy and (sick) Lila Grace

K having a blast!

Lila Grace determined to collect all the batons!

C and his balloon ball!

Balloon! - Lila


Lila Grace wanted all the big balloons too! :)

On the run!

Sittin' pretty!

Even though she really didn't feel well, she had so much fun!

Who else is coming? Our little "greeter."

 Daddy and Lila Grace meeting LOTS of people.

Lila Grace LOVES playing balloons with Grandpa Rob!
 The schedule!

Michael opens in prayer. I love that they had so much family involved in the celebration. JOY!

Grandma Kellie shares stories about her parents.

The love birds! GG Jim and GG Cookie!

L to R: Kellie; Kellie's Brother, Greg; Love Birds; Kellie's husband, Rob.

It was so much fun to hear these stories.

 GG Bob sneaks Lila Grace some M&M's!!!

She obviously loved sitting next to him! :)


Michael's parents; Kellie and Rob

GG Cookie takes a turn sharing some of their story!

Our little family
(with sick girl Lila... you can tell in her eyes.)

Lila Grace

Michael's Brother's Family!
Katherine, Sylvia, Samuel, and Caleb

The whole family together to celebrate!
(missing Uncle Greg's wife and kids!)

 Still in love!

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love.
But the greatest of these is LOVE.
1 Corinthians 13:13