Sunday, June 29, 2014

June 29th Prayer Update and Happy Birthday Michael!

Prayer update:

Charlotte: Please continue to pray for Charlotte's PDA in her heart to close.
Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) is a heart problem where abnormal blood flow occurs between two of the major arteries connected to the heart.
It needs to close as it affects blood flow and oxygen in the heart and lungs.
IF it doesn't close on it's own they will have to treat further and some of the treatments could pose other risks to her tiny body.
They will repeat her heart ultrasound on Tuesday.
Please continue to pray. God is able.

Laura: so, I have had an allergic reaction to something... And have broken out in hives and am rather itchy. Please pray for relief from all the itching and the rash to go away, continued healing of my body from csection and my blood pressure issues from the preeclampsia and HELLP.

Thank you for your continual prayers!
God is faithful.
He is our rock and fortress!
Happy Birthday to our main man! 
Can't imagine walking with anyone else through this.
 I am so grateful to celebrate him today!

June 27th Update


Charlotte's transfusion seems to have gone well. They are still watching the PDA (heart murmur) and hoping we do not have to treat further with medicine.
• PLEASE PRAY it closes completely and soon.

Charlotte has increased her feeds and has passed her birth weight! 2 pounds 4.7 ounces now!
• Praise!

We were able to get a room at the Ronald McDonald House for the next 30 nights.

Michael's parents have come to meet Charlotte and Grandma will stay a little while and help with Lila.
• praise!

Michael is coming to town tonight (and Lila is already here)... SO happy happy happy to be all together as a family and celebrate Michael's birthday on Sunday!

Please keep up the prayers. God is continually giving us strength and hope.

Thursday, June 26th

Happy 1 week birthday Charlotte Hope!

Transfusion #2 Update - 6/26

Charlotte just finished her transfusion (#2) and is seems to have done well.

Thanks all for the continued prayers.

transfusion update 6/25

Think they will start the blood transfusion about 6.
They say it doesn't hurt (it will go into the Iv she already has) and can take up to 3 hours.
THANKS for the continual prayers!

Baby Charlotte will need a blood transfusion today. 6/25

Baby Charlotte will need a blood transfusion today.

Please continue to pray that God will use this to heal her and that He will continue to protect her and give her (and us!) peace during the transfusion. 

Thank you.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Prayer & Praise Update ~ June 25th

- Charlotte gained a LITTLE weight back!!! PRAISE!
- Is currently off the lights and on room air (no oxygen!) PRAISE!
- I have been able to do kangaroo care at least once every day! PRAISE!

- Please pray that her PDA closes, like it does it most newborns. Her test yesterday revealed that is has not yet, but the doctors have decided to just watch it at this time before doing anything to help it. PRAY PRAY PRAY that God will continue to heal her body and specifically in this one area.

- Pray for continued growth, development and the wisdom of the her medical team as we watch God continue to knit her and form her outside of my womb. He is truly amazing and we are AMAZED every day when we see her!

- We have one more night to stay here in the hospital family room. Praise!
- Please pray we can get into the Ronald McDonald House tomorrow so we can remain as close to Charlotte as we can be.
(...and even if we do not, God has already provided another option for a few days... because He is that GOOD! and y'all are being His hands and feet to us! PRAISE!)

- I am feeling better every day and have been able to get rest. Thankful for the encouragement of everyone to make sure that happens. :) Praise!
-Please continue to pray for my recovery from the csection and the severe preeclampsia and HELLP... Sometimes I forget how sick I was last week and it may still take some time before I am fully recovered.

-Lila is having fun with her Papa back in Altus, while my mama stays here with me.
I am so grateful that they are here and when I cannot be with Charlotte or my Lila that they are there with both of my girls!

Lila Story: She told me last night on the phone ...
Lila: "Make sure that Charlotte has her paci right next to her, because when she needs it she can get it. Is she crying now?"
Me: "no she's sleeping."
Lila: "ok. well when she does cry she will need her paci. She doesn't like having her diaper changed and sometimes that makes her cry, so make sure she has her paci, ok mom?"
She's such a great BIG SISTER!

Charlotte ~ 5 days old
(31 weeks)
(This is a preemie paci! so tiny!)

God continues to overwhelm us with His love through each of you.
God is answering your sweet prayers for our family and our little Charlotte in amazing ways.
He is answering our prayers and our needs even before we know we need them! And we just stand in AWE! Thank you!
We are truly BLOW AWAY as His Bride, the church, loves on us and prays for us.

Prayer Update ~ June 23rd

Today is another Big day... so much to be thankful for and lots to pray for...

• I'm being discharged!
But I still have to take bp meds and monitor bp and swelling... Maybe for a few weeks.
• We have a place to stay on the 6th floor of the hospital for the next 3 nights and we are still on the waiting list for the Ronald McDonald House.
•my parents are here to help out (and spoil Lila) and we are so grateful!

•Please pray with us as we continue to figure out temporary housing. Getting into the Ronald McDonald House would be a real blessing.

• Charlotte is doing well! It was amazing to hold her yesterday!!!
•She is back under the lights and has some big tests today.
•Please pray with us as we thank God for His many blessings and the road that is still to come.

•Michael plans to head back to Altus this evening, so we start the new journey of him visiting back and forth to the city, nicu, keeping my bp down, being mama to Lila and Charlotte... Lots of prayer!

Thank you for your continued prayers.
He is our portion and strength. 

It's hard because mama's are supposed to be discharged with their babies and take them home to be with their daddies and big sisters.

A whispered prayer... God answered!

June 22nd

I whispered a prayer in my heart this morning...
That I could just hold and kiss my baby girl... GOD ANSWERED! 

Mama holding Charlotte  for the VERY FIRST time at 2.5 days old

She has taken my breathe away and stolen my heart!

Our first family photo of 4!!!!

June 21st

We love you Charlotte!
Proud Daddy and Mama and Big Sister Lila Grace!

Introducing our Charlotte Hope!

June 19, 2014 ~ 8:02 pm
Weight: 2 pounds 3 ounces
Length: 15 inches

Born at 30 weeks and 3 days...

Introducing our Charlotte Hope!

God continually amazes us every day 
and we are overjoyed with our incredible blessing of Charlotte Hope.

THANK YOU THANK YOU for all the prayers, encouragement, notes, messages and visits, they mean more to us than I can ever say and I will try my best to respond to each one, but please know that they are being read and we are cherishing them all in our hearts!

Please continue to pray for Charlotte, even though she seriously has done AMAZING!... this is still a long road ahead as she was born at 30 weeks gestation. God continues to form her and knit her and we cannot wait to hold her, kiss her, and bring her home!

I have been moved back to the low risk OB floor and many of my levels/ symptoms have come down. PRAISE GOD! I am still being monitored for and taking a few medications, so would appreciate prayers in my recovery as well.

Lila is THRILLED to be a big sister and cannot wait to bring her home. She is already telling the nurses that baby NEEDS her paci by her face, so when she cries she can get it. Love her!

Michael is a PROUD daddy and our ROCK!

Thank you for your continued prayers! 
God is able and He is FAITHFUL, He is where our HOPE is and we trust in Him!

June 19th Update

June 19th Update

She's here!
Tiny and doing well all things considered.
Both mom and baby are doing better and are continuing to be monitored.
Thanks for continued prayers.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Baby Girl Strackeljahn - Pre-Eclampsia update 6/18


As many of you know, On Monday, I was transported from our local small town hospital by ambulance to the "big city" of OKC to OU Children's Hospital for pre-ecamplsia.

So, in an attempt to keep everyone updated on this new journey our little one has brought us on, I am resurrecting the blog. I do not consider myself a writer nor a blogger, and those that know me well say that they can hear me talking as I type... so I guess I am a talker? lol.

My prayer in these updates is that:  "...these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer."  (Psalm 19:14)

 God has TRULY blown us away and we are just 3 days in of
what we hope is at least a 7 week journey!

I cannot say enough of how the prayers of the saints, you my brothers and sisters, my family in Christ, who have lifted us to the thrown, that God has used those prayers and words and notes of encouragement to give us unexplainable peace.
Normally, I would be a ball of mess, curled up in a corner with worry.
Yes. I have been called a "worry wart" ... so this can only be described as a "God thing" and answer to prayer.
Don't get me wrong. I have had my moments of fear and my moments of bawling and worry and almost instantly I am compelled to ...
"turn my eyes upon Jesus and look full in His heavenly face..." 
and God is faithful and He has washed His peace over me.

As I sat riding backwards in the ambulance. after letting family, friends and posting on FB that we needed prayer, I was so scared and the tears were flowing down my checks... as I began to see the responses of prayer I was overwhelmed immediately with God's peace and knew I was completely in His hands, the BEST hands we could be in.

God is SOOOO good.
Your prayers and this peace, I believe with all my heart, has continued to give me great reports each day from the doctor.

So here is the latest:

  • first off, baby girl is still doing wonderfully! She is right on target for being 30 weeks gestation and in all of our monitoring of her: heart beats, ultrasounds etc, she is doing AWESOME! Praise God!
  • After I was admitted: my vitals, reports etc. have stabilized and they transferred me the LOW risk OB floor. Praise God! 
  • Even though my reports have stabilized, I still have elevated levels and still have to continue to be monitored for the pre-eclampsia until Baby Girl is born. 
  • They keep telling me "the goal is 37 weeks"... but then do the usual doctor thing and aren't making promises. :) And from what we understand, from what we've been told, is that right now I am the one who is at risk at this point (since baby looks great!) and that as long as my ranges etc continue that we can HOPE for a 37 weeks delivery. They believe that at any point this could change drastically and quickly and she could still have to be delivered any day. SO PLEASE PRAY that my numbers will stay the same (or even improve!) and that baby girl can stay put. Every minute, every hour, every day is a blessing and a help to our little girl and she is already proving to be a fighter!
  • IF/when things change, please pray for wisdom and discernment as Michael and I will have to make some big decisions about her debut (for instance VBAC is back on the table! slim chance, but a chance.)
  • Please continue to pray for wisdom and discernment for the medical team taking care of us. We continually here EXCELLENT reports of the level of care, medical professionals, and nicu here. "The best in the state!" So we are in good hands here. PRAISE!
  • Please continue to pray for peace for our little family as this could be so incredibly scary, but God has continually washed us with His peace and we are in awe of His graciousness to us during this time. He is stretching me as I am having to trust Him with both of my girls. I really like to keep all my chicks close and this has been really challenging, letting Lila go, trusting God for baby and eventually Michael going back to Altus and work without me (while I stay in OKC until her debut). But I know that He holds us in His hands. He is the Author and perfecter of our faith. He is our portion and strength. He has sustained us and no doubt will continue to do so.

We have been blown away (to the point of happy tears) by all the notes of encouragement, prayers and hospitality for our family. (I will try to respond to each one, but KNOW that each one has had a significant impact on us and we are so grateful for the love.)
We've had so many offer for help, to help with Lila, and this has blessed our heart tremendously and possibly in more ways then you can imagine.
Lila is in "vacation from mom and dad" heaven currently, but still tells me she misses me. LOL. She's a doll!
We have had several visitors, friends, family in Christ, some even from strangers to us! (but related through friends or family of family and friends!) ...we are really feeling the love!

The body of Christ is amazing and God is pouring over us His grace, mercy and peace from each of you.


... and I will try to update again soon.

If you have any specific questions just post here. (I think that will work?)

Some have asked for our contact info, so just message me at my email: and I would be happy to send you any info or answer more detailed questions.

God is good. He holds us in His hands and I know that He loves Baby girl more than we do and we trust Him for her and for us.

Laura, Michael, Lila Grace and Baby Sister (who Lila wants to name Ballerina *smile*)

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things."Philippians 4:6-8