Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July 1st... 12 days old


Seems to be doing great other than the PDA. She has passed her birth weight and starting to fill out. She is cute as ever! And she is now 15 3/4" ... She must get her "height" from her grandpa!
All the nurses call her feisty and she lets you know she doesn't like being messed with when she is sleeping. :)
She wants to suck her thumb but gets frustrated with the feeding tube in, but she does enjoy the paci. It's so cute to watch her suck it. You can tell it soothes her.
• PLEASE PRAY that the results from the heart ultrasound today are favorable for letting the PDA heal on it's own.
She has several apnea/ bradycardia spells daily. It needs to close so she doesn't have to go back on oxygen and be treated with medicines that could pose other risks to her tiny body.

Laura: I'm still healing from the csection, bp, preeclampsia & HELLP, and the allergic reactions.
However, After several doses of Benadryl the hives have started to go away. Praise God.
• Please continue to pray for my healing.
• Every day I feel better. Praise God.

Thank you for continuing to lift our family in your prayers. It's hard to be separated during this time but we look forward to the weekends all the more.

Thank you also to all who gave blood and plan to!

He is my strength.
in Him I put my trust!

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