Saturday, July 26, 2014

Update July 25th

Guess who is weighing in at over 4 pounds? 

Charlotte Hope! 

At 36 days old Charlotte is 4 pound & 2.7 ounces. She's doing great holding her temperature And she's still having some apnea/bradycardia events. She's taking about 30% of her feedings herself and the rest they are still tubing. 
With everything going well Her feedings seem to be the biggest thing she needs to get down now. She is just 35 weeks gestation age, so it's still early for her to be doing all of this herself! Charlotte is amazing to be fighting so hard and God is amazing to have formed us in this way!

Please keep praying that Charlotte will continue to grow strong and healthy. That she will continue to do great and increase her feeds. 

On Monday, it will be 7 weeks I've been here in OKC... And I cannot wait to be home with my whole family all together. ...Before I was transferred here I was really enjoying my Bible study of Gideon... I knew he was in the Bible but I honesty didn't know his story. :)
I remember reading the study the first two weeks and being excited to read the Bible and learn what God was going to do through his life. 
One point that stood out to me as I reflected on my own life was that I rather enjoyed my comfortable life. I am a home body and enjoy my family being all together. We do things intentionally to make this a priority.
I asked God to show me how He could use me by taking me out of my comfort zone. Last weekend while talking with my friend (or rather while I was complaining about how I'm just not comfortable here and that I just want to be home.) it hit me... God has answered my prayers and instead of taking it as a gift I was in a hurry to get out of here. 
With Charlotte we are waiting while we watch her grow... It's really in His hands.
So this past week I have tried to be more intentional about others around me. 
I pray God is glorified in and through my broken life. And I am grateful for the mercy He has so graciously given us to sustain us during this time. 

P.s. Although I've changed my perspective I pray every day that they tell us a date we can go home! :) 

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